About us

Established in early 2017, Angels Touch recruitment was designed to provide assistance and support to dental practices, care homes and hospitals by providing guidance and reinforcement when recruiting highly specialised and experienced dental nurses, support workers and care givers. As a company we provide dental practices, care homes and hospitals with temporary and permanent staff based in and around London. Whether is it private or national health we bring the very best, the qualified and the experienced to you. Here at Angels Touch we take pride in our work and commitments to ensure that we do what is best for all.

Aims and nature of agency

To provide the very best health care staff members who specialise dentistry and healthcare. We understand the value of great quality staff and their impact on a practice's, care homes and hospital efficiency. We aim to provide the widest possible choice of high quality healthcare staff to our clients


We only recruit the very best Specialist dental nurses, care givers and support workers who are experienced and knowledgeable the healthcare field. Our staff are up to date with the current policies and guidelines. We aim to provide very presentable, punctual,hardworking, friendly staff with high levels of professionalism and knowledge in the healthcare field 

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We always provide the very best dental nurses, care givers and support workers. At Angels Touch staff all have dental and healthcare backgrounds. We do face to face interviews so we always send the very best dental nurses, care givers and support workers to your practice, care homes, homes and hospitals.



Our staff are very reliable and punctual. If you have any queries please contact us on Our lines that are available from 6:00am to 23:00.

7 days a week 365 day a year. 

All emails are replied to within 30minutes.


We provide a very smooth service to help eliminate stress from your very busy day by providing you with an efficient dental nurses and healthcare staff member with knowledge in dentistry and healthcare. We provide very smooth service that takes stress out of filling your gaps.